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Есть Идея – мы воплотим ее в Инфографику и она приведет к вам клиентов.
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NBMortgage – 7 steps to buy your perfect home

1 Mortgage Pre-Qualification
– Find Your Mortgage Agent
To find a great Mortgage Agent that you can trust, consider get referrals from friends or researching online. Then, consider interviewing that Mortgage Agent and checking their references, just like in a regular job interview!
– Paperwork for Mortgage Agent
Provide documents requested by your Mortgage Agent. These typically fall into the following categories (a) mortgage application, (b) documents to support your income, (c) documents to support your down payment.
– Plan for the Costs of Operating a Home
Ensure you are prepared for the costs of operating a home. Estimate as best as possible the property taxes, utilities, condo maintenance fees and home insurance costs.
– Mortgage Agent find YOUR Right Mortgage
There are numerous mortgage options available with plenty of acronyms and jargon to make it sound like a foreign language. Let your Mortgage Agent educate you on the various suitable options available to you and work together with him/her to find you that perfect mortgage.
– Obtain a Mortgage Pre-qualification